Many online (forex indices & commodities etc.) traders started their trading without acquiring a proper idea about it result in the loss of their hard-earned money. With a view to providing common concept, risk reward & many other about online trading this e-book named

written by an experienced trader Muhammad Abu Taleb.
In this noted CMMIR strategy it is tried to establish the concept that a trader will trade when at least three indicators provide the same signal at a time & will not trade on the basis of one indicators’ signal. All these vital points of trading are analyzed step by step so that traders could easily understand t when to start & where to end such risky as well as profitable trading.

Step One: (1) Why strategy is needed in online trading forex indices, commodities.
(2) The significance of strategy builds more than one indicator.
(3) News (fundamental news), candlestick chart & trade decision.
(4) Moving average curve & trade decision.
(5) Ichimoku Kinko Hyo & trade decision.
(6) RSI & trade decision. All of these trade decision are analyzed with the example MT4 chart.
Step Two: (1) Building CMMIR strategy combining four indicators.
(2) Some points on CMMIR.
Step Three: (1) How to trade with this strategy.
(2) Which time frame is the best for this strategy?
Step Four: Some glossary on online trading items needed to understand this strategy.
1) Money Management,
2) Stop loss,
3) Uptrend,
4) Downtrend,
5) Breakout,
6) Range based trading.
7) Pips / Point,
8) Leverage,
9) Trend line,
10) Pivot Point.
Step Five: Without practical live examples the application of this strategy could not be understood well and keeping this vital point in mind about 50 trading set up (from 1m to 1 day
time frame) of MT4 terminal is analyzed.
This e-book will provide clear in-depth idea to novice
traders regarding online trading which will help them to
take an accurate decision about trading & this e-book also enrich the existing concept of senior traders.
In essence, I could say that this is a complete A to Z guidebook for novice traders.

Price of this e-book is US Dollar 19/- ( USD Nineteen) only.


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