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A group of experienced traders are engaged in research and analysis.

Contents of E Book ” Onlinetradingidea guidebook with simple strategy CMMIR

Chapter 1

Strategy in  online trading

Introduction, why strategy is needed in forex trading,(example) significance of trading strategy developed more than one indicator, what is CMMIR strategy, Attribution of a point on indicators.
Chapter 2
News, candlestick chart, and trade decision, different kinds of news,
the effects of news and creation of chart., necessities of stop-loss, and importance of news and chart.
Candlestick chart, basic candlestick shapes, Marubozo, bullish harami,  bearish
harami, hammer, hanging man, inverted hammer, hanging man,, Shooting star, Bullish engulfing, Bearish engulfing,
Morning Star, Evening star, Three white soldiers, Three black crows, Piercing line, Doji, Dragonfly Doji, Spinning top, candlestick chart & trade decision with other indicators.
Moving average curve and trade decision,
Definition, CMMIR strategy, CMMIR strategy & golden rule of MAC, A trade decision
with a candle and moving average curve, (Example)Application of other indicators, A trade set up with a candle and moving average curve, a trade setup with four indicators. Example.
MACD and trade decision, Definition, How to trade MACD only(example).
Application of other indicators, Trade decision by MACD only, (Example).Trade decision by MACD in breakout market only, Application of other indicators. (Example).
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and trade decision, introduction, different segment of Ichimoku, how to trade with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, application of other indicators and practical side, trading set up in Range bound type market (examples), trading setup with the single indicator in breakout type market, application of other indicators.
Chapter 6

RSI and Trade decision,

Introduction, how to trade, trading setup with single indicator RSI, trading set up with four indicators, Trading set up with single indicator/four indicators in breakout market, Does a trader buy while RSI value remain 30 or lower & & even 9 or lower, Relationship between Ichimoku and RSI, Three indicators provide the same signal or four indicators provide the same signal.  (All are analyzed with examples).
Building CMMIR strategy
How to build CMMIR strategy, how to trade, where to test the strategy, how long will the traders test CMMIR strategy in demo a/c, which time frame is the best to test the strategy, why a trader will make a decision after 10/15m of the release of news, how many pairs/indices will be traded by retail traders/investors, some important points on CMMIR, finding a right trend. ( examples are given after every analysis).

8.1 wrong on trading and overtrade

Introduction, institutional investors & retail investor/trader, money management, stop loss, how to set up stop-loss, trailing stop, breakout trading, rangebound trading, support and resistance, trend- uptrend, downtrend, trendline how to trade by using trend line, pivot point, leverage, pip, point of stock indices, spread, pair,  lot etc.

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Online Trading Idea

A group of experienced traders is engaged in research and analysis.