US President Election 08.11.2016

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On 8th November 2016 USA presidential election was held and the election result was in favor of Mr.Donald Trump. Observing the winning result of Mr. Trump people of the world think that under the leadership of Mr. Trump businesses of the USA and other countries will be seriously hampered. As a result, the stock/currency market of the world started to fall.

 But after some period, market started to recover and reached to the previous level.

Below is given two   trading set up, one( Japan)  blank and another (USA ) is equipped with indicators from our archive.
But now the question is what is the necessity of discussing four and half years’ past election result.
The answer is economy and state is a big thing. Simple election results of a country cannot destroy this. Besides this fair election was held and the citizen of the USA    elected Mr. Donald  Trump. If so why such a fall in the stock market has happened? This may be the activities of a  stock gambler. But world people rejected their gambling activities.It also indicates us that investment in stock future become almost doubled in for and half years.

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